Monday, June 20, 2011

Gardening Update - Check out our Raspberries!

Our garden is loving all of this humid and sunny weather.  We have some raspberry plants in the front of the house that are really thriving.  We decided after dinner to have a snack - oh, and check out the Maggie the farm dogg - she loves raspberries!

What's really funny is right after we took this picture, the dogg knocked the bowl out of Shawn's hand and raspberries were all over the grass.  Score one for the dogg!  Fortunately she didn't get them all - just a few.  They were DELICIOUS!

Check out Shawn's raspberry video on YouTube HERE.

Our cucumbers are finally taking off - I had my doubts as to if they were going to grow.  But, low and behold, look at what we found today:

Our sugar snap peas are really starting to bloom as well - however there are only a few peas growing right now.

These are our rain barrels:

Shawn has a video up on YouTube about his rain barrel system HERE .  Man, it was a lot of work to build but we're so happy to have these.

The blueberries are finally starting to grow and turn blue. I can't wait to eat these!

So that's the latest on the farm.  I'll update later this week as to what I did with all of our zucchini's.

Happy Gardening!

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