Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are you a Reluctant Entertainer??

I admit I am...sometimes.  By Reluctant Entertainer I mean do you stress over making things perfect and worry that your house, your food, or maybe even you aren't good enough?  These things can prevent us from having our friends and family over which is really sad.  I know I often worry that our house is too small and that there's nowhere for people to sit and eat.  Summer entertaining for us is easier but then I worry "well, what if it's rainy or too hot!" - can't fit 20 people comfortably in our house!

Enter....The Reluctant Entertainer!  Sandy Coughlin comes to my rescue and lets me know that nothing has to be perfect and that your guests aren't going to be scrutinizing every detail of your house or whatever.  They are there to relax with friends and family.

Sandy is hosting a series for Summer Entertaining - go HERE  to start from the beginning.  Such great ideas.  I love her use of thrift finds from Goodwill and garage sales and.....The Dollar Store!!!! 

Go check her site out - and maybe we can all be a little less "Reluctant"!


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